My Prophet.
  จำนวนคนเข้าชม  4190


ROUGH translation:

The meanings of victory emerged from my word to sacrifice myself for the sake of the prophet

I protect the prophet with whatever I own using words, I write poetry on the papers

The full moon rises in the sky proudly and the sun shines without any source

The dog barks but does not harm our sky and harm will hit you firmly

Your talk about the prophet will not harm him but rather it will increase his ranks

All of humanity will sacrifice itself for the prophet hes the messenger God sent with the verses

Na7ree be-na7ri (I think he means that the prophet is worth the sacrifice) I look forward to meeting you after I die

Your honour is my honour O prophet of God it is time to stand up for your honour without hestitation

The universe was very happy when the loved and the blessed one came

The spears of Kofr shattered when he came and optimistic that he will be glorious were the poems

The branches of Erk (the tree where they get the branches for their bows) with its flexibility will bend the fencers and drop the banners

And perhaps the death of the generous one made the people fear because he died with many good traits

Your insults to the prophet will make us love him more and his religion as well in this life

This is your harvest and produce a thorn that made my heart pray for the prophet more

You should realize that were an Umma, prayed for the best of humanity