Talk about Hijab !
  จำนวนคนเข้าชม  3050

The shaykh gives a small talk about women then sings his famous nasheed.

"Our sister, we have heard something mystifying!
They have uttered unworthy talk on Hijab,
They've said, A tent has been put over the necks.

They've said, That oppression, darkness are attached with the garments.
They've said, That Backwardness & Primitiveness are linked with Niqaab,
They've said, That Gracefulness & Modernisation are non-existent.

They have called for the Liberation of women; while compiling for it, books,
They even lured the road of adornment (immorality) to waste the young men,
O our sister, recognise that they are too fallen to the bottom; to the earth,
O our sister, recognise that theyve became low with their illusion like the dogs,
O our sister, recognise that this is the yowl of the spiteful from the wolves (haters of Islam),
O our sister, their entire roars will not affect the cloud (no matter what they say they will never changes the hearts of the muslims).

O our sister, patience will dissolve by its ocean all difficulties,
O our sister, YOU are the chaste and are preserved by the Hijab,
O our sister, YOU have the resolute and the equality and the reward.

And since the Hell-fire is the tomb of oppressors; where their punishment awaits,
And Allah will expose their oppression on The Day of Account.
Since Jannah is the home, and what a beautiful welcome back it is?."

إنا سمعنا أختنا شيئا عجاب
قالوا كلاما لا يسر عن الحجاب
قالوا خياماً علقت فوق الرقاب

قالوا ظلاما حالكاً بين الثياب
قالوا التأخر والتخلف في النقاب
قالوا الرشاقة والتطور في غياب

نادوا بتحرير الفتاة وألفوا فيه الكتاب
رسموا طريقا للتبرج لا يضيعه الشباب
يا أختنا هم ساقطون إلى الحضيض إلى التراب
يا أختنا هم سافلون بغيهم مثل الكلاب
يا أختنا هذا عواء الحاقدين من الذئاب
يا أختنا هذا نباح لا يؤثر في السحاب

يا أختنا صبرا تذوب ببحره كل الصعاب
يا أختنا أنت العفيفة والمصونة بالحجاب
يا أختنا فيك العزيمة والنزاهة والثواب
والنار مثوى الظالمين لهم عقاب
والله يكشف ظلمهم يوم الحساب
والجنة المأوى ويا حسن المئاب

إنا سمعنا أختنا شيئا عجاب
قالوا كلاما لا يسر عن الحجاب
قالوا خياماً علقت فوق الرقاب